Tanya Ferguson the founder and current director of ASP2. She began her educational career in 2012 with a thriving home based child care business. In addition to being a childcare provider, Tanya has 10 years of experience as a financial advisor and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 

In her role as director, Tanya is committed to creating an environment where a child can challenge, explore, express, share, encounter, and experience a variety of activities. Along with the core standards of teaching, ASP2 will include STEAM, extra activities, observe and assess, promote solution thinker's, guide expression and set expectations.

Tanya’s philosophy is “Be different by being different.”  ASP2 does this through observation, promotion, expression, and expectations. Tanya is excited about about being able to reach, teach, and inspire the students of ASP2. With the support of proud parents, dedicated staff, and amazing students, we can achieve educational success!